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 - A fast-paced game all about eating food -

  -Eat all the food - don't miss any, unless they look like they are growing mould.-

  -You can make 3 mistakes, but no more or else the game ends.-   

-There are 7 unlockable characters, can you get them all?-

Install instructions

Click executable in zip file to run game.


Fast Food Dash v1.zip 31 MB

Development log


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Is there a possibility of a Linux build? Sorry to be one of those people, I just don't have a working Windows right now.

Sorry, but I can't make a linux build at the moment. Please accept my apologies.


The game is simple but it's interesting and entertaining, with the inclusion of characters like Kirby, Yoshi, the Lucheon Kingdom cook fork (Super Mario Odyssey) & Garfielf XD. Please, put other gluttonous characters as Pac-Man, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin & Zomom. ;)